Queensland School Kids Demands Ban on Single Use Plastics


On June 23, Bali announced a ban on single use plastics in a bid to cut down ocean pollution. A natural extension of their successful plastic bag ban, which was introduced on January 1 this year, largely thanks to Melati and Isabel Wijsen, the sisters and Green School students responsible for the Bye-Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB) campaign in Bali. Their dream of a world free of plastic pollution was inspired by a lesson about ordinary people who changed the world. After the lesson, the sisters asked themselves; “What can we do as children in Bali, NOW, to make a difference?”

“What can we do as children, NOW, to make a difference?”

If we want a different future we simply cannot rely on ‘someone ’ to do something, we have to be that someone. These sisters and their passionate team members, have certainly proven that we can change things if we want to. The children at our school are also dreaming of a world free of plastic pollution, and they want to make it happen. Your school is no different. Parents, carers, teachers and principals, it is our duty to help amplify the voices of our youth and the future generations, and demand a ban on single use plastics, country by country, state by state, city by city. It is high time our Government matched the efforts of their citizens.

Ban single use plastics in Queensland

By clicking on the button below you will find a letter template to fill in. Lets use the momentum of #plasticfreejuly and get our schools to email this letter to the Australian Environment, Waste and Energy Ministers, State Government Environment Minister and the Lord Mayor of your city. If you are from a different state or country, just change the wording to suit your location, or translate it! Make sure you provide the Principal of your School with the a list of the people the letters need to be addressed to, even better, prepare them in advance. Also make sure to copy campaigns@environment.gov.au in at least one of the emails. (Click on button below to download word document, or click here to view the file on google drive.)

Every week we hear about new places that are making the pledge to ban single use plastics, lets make sure Queensland is next!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” - Dr. Seuss