"Sustainability is no longer a trend, it’s survival" 

As humans we thrive of progress. We all want to do something that has meaning and purpose. We want to be able to contribute towards a greater good and create something of lasting value. More often than not, people and organisations both seem to lack a clear vision of where they are going, which makes it almost impossible to know where to start. 


Keynote, workshops and events

  • ZERO WASTE - "Empowerment from responsibility". An interactive 2 hour talk / demonstration / Q+A session on why responsibility is the key to reducing our wasteful habits. Ideal as an in-store or in-house event at your organisation.

  • PURPOSE - "Finding your purpose and the courage to use it". A 3 hour workshop demystifying the WHY, HOW and WHATs of living on purpose. Workshop will cover strategies on how to apply our unique gifts and live a more fulfilled life. Only by identifying and fully utilising our unique combination of skills, strengths, passions and experiences can we live up to our full potential and contribute to the world in a meaningful way. See events for more details and upcoming workshop dates.

  • MARKETING YOUR WHY - "Congruency and brand coherence". An intense 3 hour workshop focused on developing a marketing strategy that is congruent with your values. Without the right promotion nothing happens. You will leave the workshop with an immediate plan of how to more effectively communicate your message and reach your ideal clients.

  • HOSPITALITY - "Navigating through the sea of disposables". A 2 hour interactive workshop suitable for any hospitality business. Including one hour practical and 30 minute networking. Ideal for stall holder and market organisers to learn about alternative take away options to prepare for the upcoming tsunami of conscious consumers. See events for more details and upcoming workshop dates.

  • ADVENTURE WORKATION - An opportunity to disonnect, explore the outdoors and deeply immerse yourself in the collective wisdom of a group of like minded individuals. Annual 3 day deep adventure.Details to come.



One on one CONSULTING 

  • SUSTAINABILITY COACHING - Sustainability is no longer a trend, it is a business imperative. To go on 'as usual' is irresponsible and soon socially unacceptable. Get a custom made analysis done on your business and discover some creative ways of to improve. Online or in person.

  • MARKETING AND BRANDING - Most people need help to identify the future vision of their business, and how to market that effectively. With help of world worldclass photography, video and text you can turn your business into a story people want to be part of.


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