Nothing is created on the outside until it is created on the inside first!

Ready to Break Free from plastic?

Plastic Free July first started back in 2011, but has since become a world wide phenomenon that has inspired millions (120 million+!!) of people to rethink their plastic consumption and wasteful habits. As new habits take 21 days to establish, this has been a very successful initiative with majority of participants keeping their new habits going long after the challenge is over. It becomes virtually impossible to go back to our old ways once we know that we can do better!

Making changes in our lives that minimises the negative effects on our planet is incredibly satisfying and addictive, and it is just what we need to get that true sustainability focus into every home, school, organisation and community today. It all starts by one person taking one small step in the right direction, because if we can’t do the little things right, we’ll never be able to do the big things right. We naturally perform better when we support and hold each other accountable, and that is why these downloadable resources have been created to help your family, school or organisation establish some green new habits together! By clicking on the buttons below you can download the guide most suitable for you.

The Plastic Free July website has a wealth of useful information and you can subscribe to their newsletters for some great tips and tricks! You can also submit your pledge below, this allows you to get access to more personalised and direct support whenever you need it, and you will be sent a document with all our go-to resources for a plastic free lifestyle!

If you want to share your journey please tag @thegreenlight_collective on your posts so that we can share all the great things and inspire more people to join!


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Insight timer MEDITATIONS

All meditations you will find published by Hanna are centred around acknowledging the healing we need to do on the inside to be able to heal our earth. We are in conflict on the outside, because we’re in conflict on the inside. Meditation is a very powerful way to deal with that conflict and connect us back to our true selves, and to our earth. It is scientifically proven that we have the power to heal our environment when we connect our hearts and set our intention on a common cause.

Here is a preview of a meditation created for the children. To get access to all content and to listen in full, go to insight timer and download the app.

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